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The Echoing Green 2018 Fellows

Before you can change the world, you must first believe it to be possible. The 35 newest Echoing Green Fellows have visions of a more equitable and sustainable world and bold new ideas for driving us forward. | Jun 2018


Daryn Dodson: Tackling investors’ racial and gender biases to unlock hidden value

Illumen Capital trains investors and fund managers — including impact investors — to overcome their blind spots | February 2018



Impact Experience in the Financial Times

Stanford regains the top MBA ranking spot | January 2018


Creating a new future - bridging marginalized communities into impact investing, SDG Media Zone (18-22 September 2017)

22 Sep 2017 -  Speakers: Mr. Zac Russell (Russell Family Foundation), Ms. Radhika Shah, (Co-President to Stanford Angels and Entrepeneurs)
Moderator: Ms. Jenna Nicholas


Understanding Marginalized Communities’ Funding Needs

Using local knowledge to help plan effective, caring partnerships | August 2017


Clear Admit

Stanford GSB Social Impact Student Leaders Honored | June 2017

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Unity and Truth: Co-creating Solutions with Marginalized Communities

A group of thirty people gathered in Williamson, in southern West Virginia, two years ago, for a five-day Impact Experience to help revitalize this struggling coal-mining area | May 2018

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Stanford Medicine

Health Care in Communities | May 2017

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Healthy in the Hills

2017 Rural Health Practitioner of the Year | May 2017

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Stanford Graduate School of Business

Impact Experience CEO Wins Stanford Social Innovation Fellowship | May 2017

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Williamson Daily News

Impact Experience in Williamson | Apr 2017

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Impact Experience CEO Runs Investing Trip to W. Virginia | Aug. 2016

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TEDx Portland

Divest-Invest & the Future of New Energy Solutions | July 2015

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Kellogg MBA

3 Ways to Become a More Effective Impact Investor | July 2015